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Isobel Herself

Dominatrix in Montreal and Toronto

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Medical fetish Montreal Toronto Mistress nurse
Montreal Dominatrix and Toronto Mistress in latex


This site contains uncensored material unsuitable for minors. You must be at least nineteen years of age to enter. If you are under nineteen years of age and you do enter, you may be violating local, state or federal law. Parents, please use the parental control bar to control what your children see online. Access may be prohibited in certain states or countries. If your local laws forbid explicit material, please leave now.


  • I am at least nineteen years of age.

  • I will not allow any minors to access this site or any of the material herein.

  • I confirm that the computer used to connect me to this adult, BDSM-related site is my own and, if it is not, I confirm that I have permission from its owner to use it for this purpose.

  • I am not a federal, police, civil, immigration or law enforcement agent or acting as an agent thereof. Nor am I attempting to obtain evidence for the prosecution of any individual or business for the purpose of entrapment.

  • I am not a private investigator.

  • Sexually explicit material depicting bondage, discipline, acts of sadomasochism and other fetish activities is allowed by the local law governing my region.

  • I understand that all images on this site are consensual and that any act or situation depicted was consented to by all parties (dominant and submissive).

  • I will not redistribute and/or attempt to sell any images or text I download from Mistress Isobel Herself’s site in any way or in any medium.

  • I understand that all images including those that constitute the structure of Mistress Isobel Herself’s site are covered by copyright and I will not bookmark any page within it apart from this one, which has warnings and terms/conditions.

  • I am not offended by writings and images of bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism, D/s or fetish, or of photos depicting them occurring.

  • All professional activity referenced in this site occurs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



This site is not for underage viewers. To help prevent underage access, every page on this website is listed with Safe Sure. As an extra precaution, parents should use filtering programs to block access to this site such as Cybersitter and Net Nanny.




Mistress Isobel Herself is an independent British Dominatrix based in Montreal and Toronto. All of Mistress Isobel’s BDSM and fetish practices fall within provincial and federal laws. If you are seeking information on Mistress Isobel’s dungeon scenes in Montreal and Toronto and can legally view this site, proceed to the Sessions page. If not, please leave now.

Mistress Isobel celebrates all expressions of human sexuality as long as every aspect is consensual. She believes in the right to explore D/s, S&M, domination, submission, and fetish without shame or judgement. All images and text within Mistress Isobel’s site are made with consent from all parties, and depict fantasy. Images and descriptions of corporal punishment, bondage, FemDom, humiliation, sissification, CBT, medical fetish, and sub training, are all created with consent and understood to be fantasy. All models are over age twenty-one.

Mistress Isobel does not offer any sex acts.

All content on this site is the exclusive property of and used with written or verbal permission. Any use of content on this site is forbidden unless expressed written consent is given. 

If you are interested in exploring and opening up your sexuality and fetishes in Toronto, Montreal, New York, London UK, or any other large city in the world, go to Mistress Isobel’s page of Interests, which has been written as a guide for kinky people and fetishists looking for information about BDSM. Peruse the Fundamentals page to learn more about your British Dominatrix in Toronto, and see what others are saying about Her. Should you wish to book a live BDSM session in Montreal, move along to the Booking page and fill out the application form.

Once all of the admin is done with, you can enjoy the kinky photos of Mistress Isobel Herself in the gallery, or take in her erotic imaginings in her Musings. If you need something to hold on to before your in-person BDSM session in Toronto, there is a cure. Look at her store where you can Worship used items and clothing.

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