A dirty mind is a joy forever.
- Oscar Wilde

What perversities dance behind your eyes at night? I’ve always been bossy. I’m fascinated by how the body responds to sensation. I give you freedom of expression. I am a Domme who demystifies kink and teaches people to gain balance in their lives by playing with their power.

How can your unique desire be given life? I love to practice BDSM because there are always new skills and ways of playing to learn. Every day I come across different techniques to help people let go and submit. I revel in creativity, so I like to take my time when I plan a play date, because each kink experience is unique.

I give validation of desires outside the mainstream, holding kink and fetish sessions that leave you with the satisfaction like some hard-to-reach itch has been scratched. I allow you to acknowledge, validate, and explore uncomfortable feelings, so you can take ownership of your strengths and challenges.

I lead a rich and full life outside of the Toronto BDSM dungeon world. I am from London, England. I travel as often as I can get away, and I have lived all over the world, including Thailand and Australia.I'm just as adventurous and spontaneous when I go travelling abroad as when I go out to play in Toronto. I am an artist, a storyteller, and an educator. I love to go out and dance to good music. I practice yoga and meditation. I enjoy performance - dance, theatre, music, cabaret and burlesque.  I am happy and at peace with myself, and when we spend time together you will feel it like something contagious. I am aroused, honoured, and inspired by those who submit to me in my Toronto BDSM dungeon. 


My sessions are unique, intense, and gaspingly satisfying. Your session will be safe, highly discreet, and will awaken you as a human being long after the experience is over. My tesimonials can prove that.

I offer an experience for all the senses that will stay with you long after you leave the world I've created for you. I provide a session orchestrated precisely for you that goes through BDSM activities you may be drawn to, finding your limits and exploring where your desires lie. I play with individuals, couples and groups of all genders, race, and physical ability.

Though my Domme role is one of complete control, you can stop the ride even when you have given the steering wheel to me. I use the traffic codes: if it's feeling good you say green. Yellow means that you're enjoying it but you're getting close to your limit. Red means stop, check in and do something else.


I am risk-aware. I always use safewords. I do not offer escort services, including assisted release. Scenes involving electricity, vomit, scat or “full toilet”, race play, and switching are NOT of ANY interest to me.

What do you want to get out of exploring kink? Maybe you know your fantasy and you are very clear about what you want, but perhaps you are a little shy to express it for fear of being strange. It could be that you don't have a clear idea of what you are looking for. You can come to me with a specific scenario, or more of a general mood. Browse my interests, go through the application form, and think carefully. What turns you on?

What is your outlet for the fears and desires you hide in the depths of yourself? I dig down in the darkness of you and pull your fantasies up and out into the light with skill, playfulness, and a wicked attitude. I offer ongoing, regular in-person and distance training in particular areas that focus on pain tolerance, stretching, fluid retention, endurance for bondage, and psychological circuitry. Come and be my project. Here you can discover and take ownership of your strengths and challenges.

What gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you can't get from anything else? I transport you into the headspace you crave, where you go to a place in your body and mind that you can only reach with skillful administering. My fresh face and polished demeanour veil a fundamentally dark creative energy. What's pushing you to follow me on this rich and unusual journey?




  • abduction fantasy
  • blackmail
  • body bag
  • bondage and restraint
  • boss/employee
  • boot worship and cleaning
  • caging
  • catheter (bladder control)
  • CBT
  • chastity (extended keyholding available)
  • chore sub training
  • clamps
  • collaring
  • complete sensory deprivation
  • doctor/patient
  • enema
  • figging
  • food play (WAM, sploshing)
  • foot worship
  • gags
  • gender transformation
  • GS
  • haircut
  • human furniture
  • interrogation
  • kicking
  • large toys
  • latex
  • leather
  • needle play
  • NT
  • outings
  • overnight confinement (consultation is mandatory)
  • piercing bondage
  • punching, slapping
  • puppy play
  • pony play
  • queening and smothering
  • saline infusion
  • scolding
  • service
  • shaving
  • shoe worship
  • sissy maid training
  • sissy slut training
  • shopping
  • sounding
  • speculum
  • spitting
  • stockings/ tights/ leggings
  • suspension
  • suturing
  • teacher/student
  • voyeurism

Duos and group sessions can be arranged with plenty of notice and a deposit. I have friends of all genders who Dom, sub, and switch, and some who provide further services.

How can you get time with your Dominatrix before you book a live BDSM session in Toronto?

Experience me before you meet me. There are plenty of my used and worn items available for you to purchase in my store.

Extended, detailed BDSM consultations - for clients who want to meet and plan a scene in person - are available with an optional tour of my amazing Toronto Dungeon. The space I use is a magnificent house with many rooms, including a Medieval dungeon, a schoolroom, a medical examination office, and a cross-dressing lounge. It is partly wheelchair accessible.
NOTE: This preliminary meeting does not include play.

What can you do if you're too far to experience me in person? Distance training and fantasy scenes can be explored via email and over the phone through my NiteFlirt. Keep an eye on Twitter to be instantly notified when I'm online. Perhaps you'd like to show me your appreciation and adoration by finding something from my wishlist. 


"I was enjoying a cocktail tonight with gin and coconut water, when I received the pleasant surprise of a zing of ginger in the cocktail. It immediately brought me back to the figging and CEI during our time together, and brought a smile to my face." - New York

"I have been thinking about our session a lot since Thursday. You are right on the mark when you speak of fulfilling desire and shedding inhibition. You allowed me to express and fulfill desire in ways that I had barely even dreamed of, and have allowed a glimpse at some I never knew I had. You also allowed me to lose myself in the scene (upon reflection, this may be where your true skill - or art - comes to shine). You transported me into a different world, and I can't wait to go back." - Ottawa

"Thank you very much for the time.  It was exactly what I was hoping for and had a great experience.  I have to say I felt rejuvenated.  Today in a meeting, I got compliments for being especially patient and sharp.  It might be related, it might not be. I do know I felt great today. Thank you!" - NYC

"Just thinking of your intensive bondage and your body pressed up against me while you teased me always makes me more and more excited to see you. I would love to have another session with you." - Boston

"As always it's truly wonderful  to be used by you. So glad you got a kick out of it." - Toronto

"There must be some word that means erotic and exotic combined - that's what this is." - Toronto 

"You are a devilish mistress and i am looking forward to our next encounter." - Montreal





300 p/h with a 2 hour minimum and 20% deposit. 


Share your fantasy with me through virtual contact, phone, and SMS. 

Live video session $150/30 min 

Kinky phone session $100/30 min

Sexting $50/30 min

Written erotica $100/page 

All distance sessions are pre-paid in full via paypal or etransfer. Payment information will be sent to you once your booking has been made.



Here is my Amazon Wishlist

Though I do not expect gifts from you, a Mistress does love to be spoiled with beautiful things. If you are feeling generous, I adore gift cards for these Toronto BDSM and vanilla stores:

SOMA Chocolate
Good For Her
Come As You Are

My favourite colours are plum, olive green, and mustard. I wear silk, velvet, leather, and anything else soft. Fresh berries and fine green tea keep me buzzing through decadent afternoons of play. 







I am now playing with a limited selection of poeple who pass screening. I am reducing risk of contageon with heightened sanitary procedures to prepare my studio space and equipment for your visit. Added hygeine protocol upon entry is in effect at the start of your visit. If you or I experience symptoms of illness within 3 days of our meeting, we will reschedule. 

I want our time to be special for the both of us. My opinion is that our get-together is like a kinky date, getting to know each other, exploring the mind and body. Please remember I am a lady and I request you treat me as such. Mutual respect and courtesy go a long way.

HARD LIMITS: I do not offer escort services. I am risk-aware; I always use safewords, and I always play safely and hygienically. No scat, vomit, electrical, adult babies, race play.

I am a discreet person by nature and I value privacy highly. In return, I ask for the same pleasantry during our correspondence, our friendship and after we meet. As I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will not be tolerated and I will be forced to end our correspondence.

A BDSM Dominatrix session with me is minimum one hour, though I will very occasionally update on Twitter @IsobelHerself if I am feeling like a half hour session for some quick and dirty S&M play. I am at my best during the day and early evening, preferring to schedule between 10am and 9pm. However, you may ask to see me outside of those times.

My rates are as listed and not up for negotiation. There may be extra costs depending on the equipment and preparation required for your session. An exotic car dealer would never sell you a Ferrari for the price of a Fiat and neither will I. Any negotiation of my rates will result in the end of our communications.

Both security and privacy are important for us to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. It is necessary for my safety and security to verify everyone with whom I may meet. My discreet and painless screening process can be done over the phone or via email. Your privacy is very important to me. Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.


A 25% deposit is required for all appointments. This can be arranged through e-transfer (I will provide the password for you to use) or in-person meetup. 

Please confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance of our agreed meeting, at which point I will give you details of my general location. When you arrive at the intersection on the day, call again to get the exact address of my secret S&M funhouse.

An appointment for kink is also a business appointment. Please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notice of cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate at least a day's notice so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. If you are more than 10 minutes late, I will need to be informed and compensated for my time. 

Once we have sat down to discuss the session at the beginning of our meeting, please place tribute in a white envelope in an obvious place.

I am available to travel to you or offer you my time exclusively for a contracted period of time. Please enquire.

Yes they are real, updated often and give you an idea of how I will be dressed for our time together. I am often told that I look even better in person, if you can imagine it. If you have any specific clothing requests please do not hesitate to ask as I will likely have the very outfit you envision already in my closet. I also accept gifts graciously.

There is nothing more appealing than a healthy, sober, well groomed gent with a just a hint of cologne (please do not marinate in perfume) and minty fresh breath. Should our time together involve toys of any kind, be sure to prepare yourself accordingly unless we have negotiated an enema as part of the scene.

Take a look at my the lower part of my about me page. Each review is from within the last year.


I offer a special rate to all women and trans folx, please enquire.

Absolutely. I love to train and play with couples of all dynamics.



Toronto Tour June 29 - July 3

I appreciate it if before you reach out to contact me that you thoroughly read my website. Most questions you may have about myself, my BDSM services, and tribute rates can be found within. I would rather spend my time getting to know you than answering questions that can be found in the pages of my website.


I am available for sessions in a beautiful dungeon on the west side of downtown Toronto. I generally book BDSM sessions between 11am and 7pm. I am often booked at least 24 hours in advance, so it’s best to book as far ahead of time as possible in order to reserve the time you prefer.

Same Day Appointments

I am not currently taking same day appointments. 


My private and upscale play space is conveniently located in the west end of Toronto. After you have been screened and we are scheduling our first meeting, I will give you more information about my location.


Security and privacy are essential for us both to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. As an independent BDSM practitioner it's necessary for my safety and security that I verify everyone with whom I may meet. With that said, my discreet and painless screening process can be done over the phone. Your privacy is my number one priority and any information you share with me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Initial Contact

For your convenience I offer three different ways to initiate a conversation with me.


Via Secure Client Application

For your convenience and mine, you have the opportunity to expedite the booking process. Naturally, I give priority to those who take the time to thoroughly fill out the form. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR RESPONSES.


By Phone

Toronto +1(416)-800-3370 (NO TEXTS. Calls only; this number does not receive texts)

Call Button 

When this button says Call Now, I am available for live kinky phone training sessions on NiteFlirt. 


Via Email

I check my email once a day during the week and hardly ever on the weekends. You can generally expect a response within forty-eight (48) hours. Your first email to me should be a short introduction, with intent of booking a session. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR RESPONSES.

Before sending me stories, scripts, long descriptions, photos, and weblinks, ask permission

I live a full and active life which leaves me only precious moments to see you. It is a joy to receive any communication from you though it's not always possible to respond.

Regardless of how you contact me initially I will always confirm our time together via phone. I prefer to hear your voice prior to our appointment as it helps us build a connection. I look forward to speaking with you.




Toronto June 29 - July 3



Lacey garter belt
Sweaty Heeled Oxford Brogues
$50 (size 40/41 European)
Hairbrush used for spanking and detangling
Leather strapon harness
My grubby toothbrush
My intimate soap bar
Well used toy
Well used g-spot toy
Spanking spoon
Filthy latex glove (small)
My lipstick
Lipstick tissue
Dirty teacup
Broken in leather gloves
One of my leather floggers
Sensory deprivation hood
$15-80 depending on usage
Grubby sweaty stinky sneakers
Smelly, cute socks
Well-worshipped stockings